Past exhibitions

The museum “La grange” organizes temporary exhibitions, which usually last one opening season (June to October), or longer.

Accordingly, its first exhibition “TREASURES OF THE SPIRIT” was intended to draw the visitor’s attention to the spiritual concept of the Indigenous people of Australia.

The second exhibition, “VISIONS ABORIGÈNES”, was a celebration of their rich and complex culture, placing emphasis on their particular ways of seeing and perceiving their environment.

In 2012, “La grange” had the privilege of showing the incredibly intricate and beautiful linocuts and etchings of Dennis Nona, who originates from the Torres Strait Islands, Australia, with the exhibition “WAII”. In his work, the accomplished printmaker recounts the myths and legends of his islands.

The exhibition “SKY AND DESERT” draws on creation stories and life in the desert, astounding the viewer by the power, the strength and the sensitivity that the artworks reveal.

We closed the year 2017 with “OCHRE MAGIC”, an exhibition showing the great painters of the Kimberley in the northwest of Australia.


OCHRE MAGIC 2016-2017

SKY AND DESERT 2013-2015

WAII 2012

Aboriginal Dreamtime 2012




Museum of Australian Aboriginal Art “La grange”

New exhibition opening on 7th June 2020 VOYAGE ACROSS ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIA – FOUNDERS’ FAVOURITES, Fri, Sat, Sun 2pm – 6pm

Museum of Rare and Exceptional Motorcars "Le manège"

This museum opens for guided visits only. Pre-booking required.

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